Build Your Vision - Six Week Summer Session

Build Your Vision - Six Week Summer Session


This summer session consists of six weeks of on-line live training via zoom. Each week you will work on building your vision into reality. If you are stuck with too many ideas and uncertain what your next step should be then this is the class for you. You will have the opportunity to get you questions asked and share feedback along with working through your ideas.

Week 1: We will uncover your Why and how to bring your vision to life. Start building your ultimate dream plan. (B.U.D)

Week 2: We will work on your unique proposition to make sure you are in alignment with your goals. Define your niche.

Week3: How to identify your strengths and how to make a profit.

Week 4: How to balance your time management and what to focus on to make life simple!

Week 5: Tech tools and what you need to succeed which platforms are worth your time.

Week 6: Dial into your messaging and what is needed to attract clients.

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