Professional Life

 Too many ideas have you feeling overwhelmed? Want to make a deeper connection in the world and live a purpose driven life? No worries, I can help you get crystal clear with an organized step by step plan.

Hello there, I am Tereill.  I am Motivational Business Coach and Creator of the Arts. Most people ask me how do I balance my work-life balance with a toddler, a daughter in College, husband, and running a business. The answer is quite simple with the grace of God and a solid plan.

My working life began early in retail working at a vast of retail stores then quickly moved into the Banking Industry all while boot strapping my way through College.

By the age of nineteen I was running a Multi-million dollar Branch, with a team of twelve as for one of the largest banks in the U.S. After mentoring, ranking the highest for sales and service, I switch to the Insurance Industry as a licensed Insurance Broker where I continued to work in Management for a total of twenty years.

My Family

So you wanna know how I got here? Well, I hope you have all day because this story is way to long to put on one page. Instead I will have to give you the water down, skimpy, little black dress version. 

First of all, I am a native of Orange, New Jersey. I am a mother of two wonderful daughters Ashadah age twenty who is an artist and fashion designer and Zaharah age two, who is currently running my household. 

Yes you heard me correctly, I have a twenty year old in College and a little one in diapers. Let's just say it was lots of negotiations with my husband for the latter.  Second, I am a wife to a wonderful supporting husband, and his name is Jonathan and for the last eighteen years I have been his slave, just kidding. We met in College and dated for five years before we married, and we have been married  for thirteen years. In any event, we are both Virgos and very competitive with sports. I like to say we invented "love and Basketball" way before the movie came out.  

My Passion

Now it could have all started when I won the national writing competition at the age of five...Maybe it all started when I played Gladys Night in a play called Midnight Train to Georgia in fourth grade in nineteen eighty something. I think that is when I first got bitten by the acting bug. I think I was also playing the flute and reading music as well, but it wasn't until I heard my first hip-hop song of Run DMC that I fell in love with rap. Maybe it was because my brother was a local dj or my mom playing Marvin Gaye every single day, but the influence of music weighed heavy on my heart. That influence of my up bringing with music propelled me into writing my own rhymes and recording music to motivate women from my experience.


On set working on a film documentary series

On set working on a film documentary series

After bootstrapping my way through college, I completed my bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University in 2003, majoring in Criminal Justice and Theater Arts. I know, I know, criminal justice and theater arts don't go together, but well it happened okay!  

It was my undergrad studies of studying theater where I learned my craft of acting and directing. Still not quite sure, but I know it all happened because, well, I was woke. Somehow, I was forced to create my first documentary, which I have no idea what the topic was about, and somehow landed an A. Then I directed my first play in college, "A Street Car Name Desire," by Tennessee Williams and that landed me an A and boost the heck out of my confidence. Basically studying acting skyrocketed my ego to Beyonce's level just saying.

Anyway, one day I woke up and suddenly had an epiphany, yup just like that, no judgement please. Anyway,  while working in the banking industry, I felt like something was missing, and since I was already obsessed with fashion I did the obvious,  I started a fashion blog, called ,"what is the dress code" because well everyone was breaking it, and I was tired of answering fashion questions. Just kidding.

Corporate Event

Corporate Event

The business

My personal style became bigger than my job description, and I was tired of getting emails about the corporate dress code. So I created a blog with fashion, tips, tricks, and articles to help women with styling questions, but I still felt like something was incomplete so I started writing a book on how fashion impacted my life and grew my career. This also prompted me to start a podcast and put my experience to work by using my voice in another creative way.

After wanting to make an even bigger impact, I decided to put all of my talents to work, so I started a Consulting business. I found myself motivating people in my everyday life with helping with either styling advice, personal development, financial advice, and business tips. I quickly realize that I am multi-passionate person and I desire to help people live out their dreams in the most impactful way. One of my super powers is taking someone’s strengths turning that into a business


Here is what I am obsessed With