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What inspired the book

My broken stiletto has been years in the making. Well in my head anyway…The question that i get frequently from friends and Family has been, “how did I get to where I am?” At first I was not sure what to make of that question. I mean what where they really posing? What did these people really want to know about me and my life?

So I did some deep inner work and started to breakdown the question. The truth of the matter is that what “they” were really asking me is, how did I overcome my circumstances and achieve success?

It took me some time to unpack that question and get down to the real nitty gritty of how much of my life I wanted to share.

I thought that it would be incredibly selfish if I did not tell my truth in its entirely. Including the unpleasant and uncomfortable moments some would even call embarrassing, but to me it is my truth. I am a firm believer that you can’t heal what you won’t reveal. I am not ashamed or unaware of the implications that come with being vulnerable.

So what inspired me to write this book is the young lady who may be going through a hard time at home with poverty stricken conditions who don’t see a clear path on how to break away, living with abuse, feeling hopeless, and all those other emotions that make you want to crawl back underneath the covers and sleep for weeks. Instead I challenge myself to be open enough to share my brokenness , my healing, and how my faith carried me through it all.

  • My goal is to make a bigger impact in the lives of younger women who may be facing challenges and how to break away!

  • I wanted to motivate women with my story to show that if i can do it so can you!

Who is this book for

  • Women who want to improve their self-esteem

  • Women who want to advance in the workplace

  • Women who are trying to figure out their next career move

  • Women who are looking to gain confidence and find their personal style

  • Women who are in need of a dose of inspiration and guidance

  • Women who are looking to grow their finances

  • Basicly this book is for any woman who is ready to level up

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