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Your portfolio is your opportunity to present exactly what you want to be known for. This is not the place to put everything you have experience with - curate!

Don’t showcase every project you’ve ever worked on, select a smaller number of works that really show off your skills, in the particular specialty that you want to be known for. If you’re a designer or visual artist, keep in mind the aesthetic/style you want to highlight.



Even if you aren’t experienced yet, what do you want your specialty to be? “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.” You don’t need to only post work you’ve been paid for. If you’re just getting started, feel free to share personal/school work that showcases your unique style/talent.


When it comes to display, go beyond screenshots. Provide a summary of the project. Don’t make assumptions that people know the client or what ________ (complicated technical term) is. Explain the project, your involvement + the benefit the client gained from working with you. Be specific. Did your redesign of their website increase sales for your client 10x? Tell us!