Private Coaching


Strategy Session (2) Hours via Zoom

Price $549

This is designed for you if you have a bunch of ideas and unsure of what to do next. This (2) hour coaching strategy session is designed to take your idea or business to the next level. This session will take place via zoom conference center.

  • We will work on your unique proposition to increase your income by breaking down your experience and talents .

  • Then we will take the confusion out of your life with a step by step plan.

  • Get clarity on what your next steps should be and how to achieve your overall life goals.


1 on 1 Coaching - Dream to Driven Coaching Program

Price $5,000 in full or (8) installments of $625

*first two installments must be paid prior to starting coaching sessions*

Designed to bring your ideas from your head to life. Together we will work on your dream for the duration of (6) months. This program will get you unstuck, organized, and working in your purpose.

Have an idea and not sure where to begin?

Are you purpose drive and ready to start your movement?


V.I.P Coaching Session - Full Day

Price $12,000

We meet In person in the New Jersey office, 6 hours of coaching or (2) 3 hour sessions via zoom, This is ideal for Purpose Driven Business owners; Together we will bring your vision to life or restructure your program/business.

  • Clear out your road blocks

  • Build out your legacy plan/Movement

  • Evaluate your strengths and experience to Create a signature service

  • set-up your marketing strategy

  • build out your Pricing Tiers

  • technology Set-up and basic funnel

  • Target your Niche

  • Business financial evaluation Plan

  • Social media audit or plan

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