Are you struggling with what to wear to your next job interview? Maybe you just can't figure out what to wear to your next event, business venture or meeting.

If this is you don't panic, no worries, I can help you get ready for your next interview and help you get your closet in order, so that you can look fly, but keep in mind that you will have to have confidence in yourself and trust the process.

Ok, so let's get started cupcake. Once you have picked your styling session from below we will have our first skype consultation in about a week or so depending on availability.  Next, I will determine a timeline of services provided and hours. We will talk about your current wardrobe or the lack of and how to fix it.

The goal is for you to feel amazing in your own skin. In fact I wrote a song called "Be Happy" and its about being comfortable in your own skin. That is what I want for you when we are done.

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Pick your package

Select the plan below that applies to your individual needs. The Executive plan is designed for the everyday woman, the student plan is for highschool & college bound students, and the Boss Package is for the business owner. Pick the plan you fall under.

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Schedule your session

You will need to download the zoom free app. It works like skype, but much better in my opinion.  I will be able to see you and vice versa. I will send you an email confirmation with the details once you have schedule your time-slot.

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Get  Styled

We will work out all details of your package. You will get a break-down of our styling time-line. I will determine your styling needs and start the shopping process. We will then determine what is next and schedule accordingly. 




Executive Package

Look great for your next opportunity


(2) 60 minute Zoom sessions of wardrobe analysis,

Mix and match, shopping list

(3) months of support in private Group for follow up Feedback and Q/A

Learn how to take your wardrobe to the next level for promotion

Implement your signature style

Body Image Evaulation & recommendation

The Boss Package

No more having meetings in yoga pants,

$2500 +

Get styled for your next business meeting

In person styling, a full week of styling outfits, closet analysis

One full day of shopping together

Styling for your next keynote or special event

Travel options/fees apply

Onsite styling optional

*Pricing are for New Jersey/New York Tri-State area, please email me if you are out of state for services.


The Student Plan - Only available for High School or College Students age requirements are sixteen-twenty four.  We will have one skype session to get your wardrobe ready for your next job interview, internship, or new position.  This tailored for High School and College Students to define your  personal style. Must show school id when registering.

Student Package Plan

Only available to High School & College Students, age requirements 16-24 *


one time payment

(1) 90 Minute sessions via zoom

(6) Month Private group Q/A Support with feedback

styling tips, closet basics, shopping List

Learn how to build your wardrobe for your next position or internship

Breakdown of Company Dresscodes

Learn how to shop on a budget & Personal Assessment of your bodytype

Now Accepting Clients

Limited amount of spots



Answer any questions your potential client could have. This is a great place to cover any objections to working with you!

Will you purchase my clothes: 

Answer: The short answer is Yes and No, I don't buy your clothes with my money, but I will help you pick out outfits and style them for you. However, if you want me to take over your budget and buy your clothes I can do that for you with the Boss package.

Will you re-organize my closet:

Answer: Yes, if you purchase the Boss Package you will get your closet re-organized. Fees to apply