Fashion Trends - To Follow or Not

PUMPED UP photo | Halle Berry

Do you think its a good  or bad idea to follow fashion trends?  My opinion is that, following trends can get you into trouble. For example, hair styles change pretty frequently. First, its weaves, natural, short, symmetric etc. Sometimes trends come in and out so fast that you can get caught in the wrong trend...So what is a girl to do? I say, only follow the trend if its timeless...Yes timeless..Halle Berry comes to mind when I think of timeless hairstyles.  She can take and short hair cut and start a new trend while her peers are weaving their hair.  My real question is what happens when you get stuck in a trend?  Eighties hair styles, the mullet? I bet you know someone sitting in your office right now with one..How do we get those people to come into the millennium?  Is it realistic to believe that their hair or wardrobe isn't affecting their work?
Zenee Renee2 Comments