Five Must Haves for Men

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1. A great suit.  Preferable black or dark blue. Normally, I would say that price doesn't matter, but in this case I'm sorry guys it does. Everyone can spot a cheap suit, so plan to invest in a quality suit.. I would however, say if you are going for an interview bring out that ARMANI suit. If you already have the job then the Sean Jean from Burlington Coat Factory is fine:) If you can't afford Armani then get a dark suit and take it to get it tailored.  This will make a HUGE difference.
2. Cuff links. If you don't own a pair take a trip to a department store.
3. Prada shoes...OK it doesn't have to be Prada, but a nice pair of shoes.  No marks or scuffles  The shoes tell everything about a man. So take the time to try on shoes with your interview suit. Ask the opinion of the department store clerk for advice,if you want that job.
4. The man purse....OK Ok, I mean a BRIEF CASE... Ditch that old back pack and splurge for a nice bag that you can put your resume in along with your notes for questions. Plus you look smarter.
5. Accessories...A dress watch not the one you wear to the gym it doesn't have to be a Rolex ,but Kenneth Cole will do the trick. An engraved pen, this will set a part the men from the boys, and a day planner.
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