Happy Friday!

Well again it going to be over 100 degrees!! This heat is brutal and my office is an ice box.  What to wear to work has been difficult over the past week, but here is how I managed.

1.  Most of the week I wore a skirt or dress.
2.  Keep a sweater in the office just in case it gets too cold. Opt for a neutral color to match with everything.
3.  I kept my hair in a up do. I don't have enough hair yet for a ponytail, so I have to opt for a pinned up do. Otherwise I am sure I would have rocked a pony.
4.  Comfortable shoe that is work appropriate and comfy. No one wants a sweaty foot at the end of the day. Let those toes breathe.
5.  Sunscreen and lots of water.

This weekend I have lots on my agenda but hopefully I will get some time to post new picts for you all. What are you doing for the weekend? Any shopping, sales, I wanna know?
Zenee ReneeComment