Have you ever broke your Company's Dress Code?

As I was thinking about what I was going to wear today in this 90 degree weather. I thought to myself, Lord I wish I could just throw on some shorts, tank, and flip flops.  The reality is that would have gotten me a call to the Managers office and back home, which is one hour away.  So what is the next best thing.... Aha my retro forties dress that has pleats at the bottom and no sleeves, but I still need a cardigan for the chilly office. Luckily, for me, I keep two sweaters in the office. One off white and gray that keep me from turning into a frozen fish stick...(lol) Now, for the toes, I chose a kitten pump that is peep toe nude. I will share a Pict. later on.

So my question becomes, when you don't want to break the dress code, what do you wear instead of those items that are inappropriate for the office?  Dish
Zenee ReneeComment