Self Esteem

So today I wanted to talk  a little bit about self esteem and how what you wear can lift or damper your mood.  Usually on Mondays, most people dread going into the office. Mainly because many do not have the luzury of doing what they love.  This can put anyone in a funky state of mind when you hate your job, but you need the money.  Now this is when your wardrobe and surrondings should be there to get you out of the " funk state of mind."  So here is a list of things you can do to get you out of the funk and lift your self-esteem.

Monday - Wear a jewel color either a blue or green blouse or dress.
Tuesday- Bring flowers into the office to put at your desk.
Wednesday - Practice affirmations first thing in the morning in front of a mirror or quiet place before you leave the house.  Example - I am worthy of success, I am Worthy of love, I am Worthy to be great!
Thursday -  Bring out those perfect pumps. The ones that make you taller than everyone in the office. A great shoe will boost your height and compliments.
Friday - Always, Always, Always have a Friday lunch that requires an outdoor experience.  Walk to your company's building  or find a nearby trail .  Park your car a little bit further from the restaurant and enjoy the breeze. If the weather doesn't permit try going into a cafe or book store you never been in. The point is to explore something new, which in turn may inspire something different about yourself.  The key is to do all these things frequently and love yourself.
Zenee ReneeComment