What is the craziest outfit you ever wore to work?

Sometimes we wear an outfit that everyone else loves but inside we are screaming...Why did the ...did I wear this to work.  Most of the time, I have no regrets about my attire. I feel like whatever I put on is a reflection of how I am feeling that particular day. However, there are times when I am rushing and I may grab and go, which happens frequently. For me the craziest outfit has to be when I put on way too many accessories with my dress. This wasn't just any dress it was a colorful wrap dress that I happen to pair with a black and white head band. The head band was suppose to be an accent point, but I forgot that after I was half way at work and realized that it doesn't go with anything I am wearing.  So I took it off at lunch when I really realized that everyone was saying hello and laughing..Maybe they were really happy, but I bet they were thinking what the hell is she wearing...In any event, my wardrobe mishap was fixed fairly quickly by removing items. So what I have learned is less is actually more. Less accessories that is...Not less clothes :)

When I get sometime I will pull the dress and headband so you can see what a catastrophe the two items were together..

So, what is the craziest outfit you ever wore to work?
Zenee ReneeComment