Contest ***Do You have the best" Workplace Look of the Week?"

I am looking to interview people for the next couple of months for their best work attire. You will get a spot on my blog, twitter, and facebook for a week and who knows what other kind of press.  "Workplace Look of the week" is very dear to my heart because it is inspired from celebrity look of the week.  Meaning we constantly see celebrities and that is great, but everyone knows that the best fashion comes from every day people like you and I. Therefore, the idea is to inspire and give confidence to other new professionals that may be new to the work force and need some inspiration.   The idea is to show how your confidence inspire others, which intern makes your outfit the best look of the week.  

Ok, so I am looking to add a new segment to my blog. It will be called "Workplace Look of the Week".  Over the next couple of months I will pick a person for the week based on the number of entries.  What I would like to do is get about twenty looks on the blog and have people vote at the end of each month and select a winner.  The winner will receive some type of fashion prize. So here are the rules:
Here are the rules:

1. Submit a picture of your work attire, no logos, or corporations logos in the background to my email address:
2.. Describe where your bought your outfit  piece by piece and that is also including accessories with price. In total your outfit must not cost more than two hundred dollars including shoes.
3. Tell me how you feel in your outfit? Did you get a lot of compliments?  How did you come up with the look and what or who inspired it?
4. Your outfit must be original meaning this can not be the standard suit off the rack.
5. Lastly you must sign up to this blog and tell your friends to vote for you.

This  contest will run for the whole duration of November. I would love to make this segment an on going part of my blog. So in order to do that I need as many entries as possible but for November the first 20 looks will close for the month of November.  Any entries received after November will go to the next month and so on. 
Good Luck I can not wait to see all the great looks!! Also, I will annouce the "Fashion Prize" midway during the contest.
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