Do you have the Monday Blues??

I just heard on the news a few days ago that most people have more heart attacks on Mondays and are the happiest on Fridays....

This got me to thinking that maybe as Americans we spend too much time with  pleasing others instead of ourselves.  If you are truly happy with your career or job, stress is not an option.  Image that stress not being an option.????  I also heard that the happiest people in the World live in Australia.  So, I wanted to know what do Australians do that American  don't???  Well first they work less hours, they have free health care, and hardly to no crime, and they spend most of their time with their families. In fact, most women have several months off for maternity leave to bond with their children... This is definitely not how we live as Americans. We work long hours, spend less time with our families, fight for health care, all while fighting off crime.  We pack in so much into our work week that we tend to forget what is important to ourselves, our families, and life.  With technology on the rise fewer conversations are happening among families. Leaving the youth unable to have a vital future.  Marriages are failing due to the lack of family time, children are turning to the streets for love, and it seems like no one really cares. Bottom line the main focus is to achieve the most money, bigger house, fancier car, and newest "thing."  Education seems to be on the back burner while reality TV is on for the main course.  Prayer is not an option in the classrooms and the country says we have no religion, although it seems like we are following the Catholic Protestant.

I say all that to say that maybe if we go back to the basics and discover what is truly important we will be happier and  live longer.  Spending more time with family, scaling down the work week, and becoming a praying nation may be the step into the right direction. I am a firm believer that if one person suffers we all suffer. So we must go back to the basics and love each other!

Happy Monday
Zenee ReneeComment