Do you switch your weekend Coat????

Now that it is fall and the temperatures are changing I started to revamp my winter coats... Currently, I have been rocking my short brown leather jacket with a scarf of my choice. I have a picture to the left of the homepage. Recently, I have been scouting my closet to see what coats I have, the ones I forgot about, and the ones I need to donate. I realize that I have a few down jackets that I really don't get use out of.  See I try not to wear my down coats into the office because for some reason I feel like its a weekend coat and may not be, so professional. ( I always find myself asking is this coat OK for work etc)  Usually, I will wear a peak coat, leather jacket, or three level coats.  This got me to thinking why can't I wear my coat from the weekend to the office?  What do you think can you get away with wearing a down coat to work or is it an NO NO?

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I would rather where this...
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