Leopard & Red???

OK, let me be clear up front. In the past, I have not been a big fan of leopard. I guess because I never really seen it done right. However, over the last couple of days I have been seeing a lot of leopard done RIGHT!!
Which got me thinking, should I go out and add a piece of leopard to my wardrobe? Is leopard appropriate for the workplace and can I pull it off?  By the way, I just seen someone in my office well over 50 with a leopard blouse on......And if she can pull it off, so can I...Specifically, I am loving the leopard paired with anything red.  Is this a new phase I am going through?  Take a look and tell me your thoughts on what I have stumbled upon. Who is your favorite of the Three? I love me some Beyonce but I think Mary is my choice!! Love, Love, the white with a pop of leopard.

Zenee ReneeComment