My Natural Hair is for Work!

The topic of hair is often very controversial in the workplace. As a black women the thought of going natural was very scary to what my counterparts would think about my hair. In fact, many other races don't really know what black hair really looks like because we often hide it. Since, being on my 17 month natural hair journey I have learned a few things about my self that I wanted to share:

1.  I am beautiful in my natural state.  Meaning that I don't have to hide under a perm or straightened to the norm of others.  What God has given me is enough to rock proudly.
2.  Negativity is nothing more, but insecurity.  When I wore my hair straight, I felt really confident because it was the norm. However, going natural can bring a huge amount of negativity, but what I have learned is that it is my opinion first that counts.  I shouldn't feel any less beautiful because my hair is gorgeous in its natural state.  However I am feeling will emerge, so if I embrace how beautiful I look others will respect that and vice versa. Negativity can easily be diffused with confidence.
3. It is okay to have a bad hair day.  When you are natural you feel a lot of pressure not to have a bad hair day. Mainly because naturals like myself tend to wear our hair free sometimes in fros, fro hawks, braids, twists etc.  So when your hair doesn't want to cooperate don't feel the need to fix and obsess over your hair. When in fact the reality is that its fine to have a bad hair day everyone does as long as it is Professional its all good!

What are your thoughts about hair and has it effect your look in the workplace? Here is a few pictures of my hair.

Zenee ReneeComment