Working Out can Boost Self- Esteem!!!

Work out Helps you Work on your Self Esteem

Article by Ata

According to Nike’s pan-European marketing campaign, there are several reasons for a woman to start working out and getting active. Exercise is a way to improve your health and fitness; it is the path to improve your spiritual strength and a wonderful source of energy.
But first of all, I have to admit that I am not one of those people that can’t begin their day without running 5 miles. But the results of a research made on behalf of Nike gave me the motive to start thinking of making exercise part of my every day routine.
These results stated that 83% of the women that work out daily said that exercise has helped them in their career and had also positive effects with their studies. 72% of those women claim to feel more attractive and beautiful since they began working out plus 37% said that they now believe in themselves more.
As for sex life, relationships, erotic mood, sexual instinct and sexual activity everything seems to be better according to 25% of everyday athletes.

My take on working out;
Working out has several benefits, but most importantly it can inspire a whole new you!!  For me, I have been working out daily and I can see a difference when I breathe, sleep, and fit into my clothes.  So if you want to lose weight I would say start out by walking, see your doctor, and get moving. You will be surprise just how beneficial working out can be for your self-esteem.  This new self esteem may lead to trying other new things that you may not even consider, like applying for job you normally wouldn't, exploring a city you never been before, teaching a class, cooking, or just simply being happy...So get moving and be inspired!

I might start tracking my weight loss progress I will get back to you on that... But for now,
Do you have a work out regimen?

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