Business Dress vs. Business Casual

This is the email I received this morning from my company on "The Dress Code". I have  changed the names to protect the privacy of the company. However, I wanted you to know that the dress code is still relevant in the workplace.

Good Morning,

On Tuesday, December 6th our new CEO, will be in the office.  Jack is requesting that we all go with business dress that day as opposed to business casual.

If time allows at some point Jack would like to do a  walk around with Jill so she can say hello to some of the folks in the office.


Fashion T says:  On days that I can't wear business casual,  which consists of a blouse, dress pants, and no jacket, I opt for a suit or dress with a jacket (blazer).  The difference between the two is a blazer for women and suit/ tie for men in short term. On Tuesday I will post a picture of my business dress attire.

So this is what I wore to work today, I had started to undress until I remembered to take a picture for the blog. My apologies for the sloppiness, but I had a long day and could not wait to take off those peep toes stilettos that are partially hidden, because of my long pants. I usually wear my jackets open I don't like to button my jackets that is why one button is buttoned :)  Don't ask why that's just my personality on suits... By the way, I couldn't find my suit pants that I planned to wear, so I had to throw together this outfit.  I hope you like...

I will post an article on the difference between the two dress codes later on.. Does your corporation have a dress code and, if so what do you wear on those days when business casual is not an option?
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