Do you have a Fashion New Years Resolution???

So I know many people will make a New Years Resolution which will consist of various things from losing weight to personal growth, which got me to thinking about my Fashion New Years Resolutions such as this;

1.  I will no longer wear black to hide the fact that I have curves.  Well not totally get rid of black, but I will not hide behind wearing black..I know that it really doesn't work and color brings life into all aspects of your life. So less all black everything and more color...
2.  I will stay committed to wearing my accessories all day to complete my look. In the past I will get my outfit together and start out with a bracelet or fabulous scarf, but at the end of the day, its in my purse for days.  It's weird I know, but for some reason I think that I will just lose it entirely so I take it off and you get the idea....
3. I am going to try new bold colors and a new lipstick that is bold.  I am definitely an earth tone girl with the exception of my dining room being red.  I prefer it on my walls and not my face...(don't judge) Actually, I am going to the MAC counter this weekend and get me a new color for the New Year!
4. I am going to complete my staple items into my wardrobe this year. My goal is to have all the staple items in my closet within the next year or so.  I will post an article on staple items that every girl/guy should have on
5. Continue to be fierce and confident on not only good days, but bad days... This one is hard for me because if your hair, shirt, or skirt doesn't quite look the way you want it to it is hard to still feel good in a bad outfit. Somehow I am going to convince myself that I can wear anything and look gorgeous!! I will let you know how that works for me on a Monday morning when my hair doesn't want to cooperate and I have spilled tea all down my shirt, or popped a button...:)

So what are your New Year's Fashion Resolutions???
Zenee Renee2 Comments