Five Must Haves for Women

1. A black dress - Dresses can  take the place of a suit if worn correctly. It's also great for going from day to evening.
2. A nude shoe - The nude shoe has become the new black shoe. You can pair almost anything to a nude shoe.
3. Undergarments -  A  good fitting bra, spanks, body shaper, can make your clothes lay correctly and smoothly. (the wrong undergarment can make you look unpolished)
4. Black Dress Pants-  Every woman should have several pairs of black pants, but specifically one good pair not made out of polyester.  This pair of pants could take the place of suit pants and can be matched with anything.
5. Cardigan - The cardigan can be used in place of a suit. The first lady Michelle Obama wears her signature cardigans on many high powered meeting across the nation. So if she can wear a cardigan and look polished and professional so can you.
Zenee ReneeComment