Hello, My Name is Fashion T , I created this blog as an avenue for anyone confused about what to where to work.  I decided to blog about fashion in the workplace because I have noticed a correlation between self-esteem, weight, promotions, demotions, and emotions.  Of course many companies have dress codes and many don't have a clue what they are.  (including myself at times :) My objective is, to explore what the dress codes are, and how to look fabulous without breaking the bank, or the dress code.  I consider myself a experienced professional without a fashion degree. Basically, I have mastered how to look good, feel good, and get ahead based on my attire. Now what fun would it be if I kept it all to myself.  That's why I am creating this blog. So,  I look forward to exploring and sharing what's hot and what's not. Now each week I will explore a different topic with pictures, interviews, and tips where to shop.  I will try diligently to help anyone in need of advice. 
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