I love my outfit today!!!

So today, I really feel good in my outfit for work today.  It was actually a shocker because its  going to be 97 degrees today. I really had no idea what I was going to wear to work, but at the last minute I remembered that I have this black and white skirt that I haven't wore in ages.  (which by the way I bought from Marshalls a few summers ago..love that store)  So I paired the black and white skirt with a cream lace tank. (the lace is in the back) Of course I have on a cardigan, which is Purple. I think I am in a purple phase right now.  Not sure how my hubby will fill about that, since we try to match our outfits when we go out...Don't judge!!! Yes we are on of those couples:) Sometimes, I try to get my daughter to coordinate as well. (she is 12) She looks at me side ways because she thinks I am crazy... Anyways, I opted to wear my purple head ban at the last minute, which I think pulled the whole look together. Let's see how many compliments I get at work today.  I will have to post a better picture later my camera ran out of batteries, but I did manage to get a picture in, which by the way the memory is full on that...Geesh!! I apologize on the blurr I will get a full pict. later.

So what are you wearing to work today and how do you feel?
Zenee ReneeComment