Has your Hair made you late for work?

I don't know about you, but my hair is definitely a big part of my personally. With that being said, I can not go to work looking like a rag a muffin. Therefore, I normally spend a few hours a week deep condishioning, styling, and whatever else I feel like doing to my hair to make myself look oh so Fabulous!! However, I have promised myself that I would no longer do a wash in go mid week because my schedule just doesn't permit these days....Well what did I d o this morning? You guess it...A wash and go, because my hair was so dirty from the weekend.  Time has not only caught up with me, but actually surpassed my speed. Meaning, I am almost late for every dag on thing becuase my schedule is packed to capacity.  Anyhew,  I washed my natural hair, condish, and put a cap on my head until I finish getting dress. After I got dressed, the question was what the "heck" am I going to do with this head of curly hair quickly and something that looks Professional.  My daughter has to be at day camp in 10 minutes I have to be at work in...Yeah I am late already.  So, I styled very quickly by using boby pins, Jane Carter's hair oil, and a little moisterizer.  The results is an up do bun with the front out.. It is almost to the side with a curly bang.  Love, Love, Love the results!! Afterwards, I realized that this style has become a signature look that I have created. It serves great because, it took me about five minutes and it is great for the office.  By the way, I also did my make up in three minutes. I have created a three minute makeup routine that I will share later along with a picture.

So the question of the day is how do you style your hair when in a pinch?
Zenee ReneeComment