Make Up your Face in Three Minutes!!

Shimmer Bloc
As Promised here is how I created the three minute face.    NatureLuxe Gloss Balm

1. Start out with clean moisturized face.
2. Apply a foundation to spots that are needed. (this is my special trick never put the foundation all over your face only on the imperfections)
3. Apply liquid eyeliner to the bottom and half to the top of your eyes. Not too much if you are going into the office. Remember you can add more for an evening look.
4. You should add some life to your face, which means something with a little bit of shimmer or light. I opted for a pink/yellow shimmer. Apply from the corner of your eye to the bottom of your eyelid. Leave the top free.  (the key is to use one of those rectangular cubes from your drug store) Then smooth with your fingers.
5. Add some color or light lip gloss to your lips and you are out the door.

If you try my three minute routine please send me a picture or if you have any questions please ask.

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