What is in your Purse?

1. Tweezers- Ladies I can not say enough about tweezers, but they have saved me from turning into a wilderbeast :) Walmart has a great pair for $5.97 made by Revlon. (I don't have those but I think I will upgrade my pair.)
2. Comb - A small comb to pull the hair back is essential expecially when you have to go from the office to a coroporate function.
3. Makeup- A small case with multicolors can turn any face from sleepy and grumpy to awaken and fresh. Check out the collection from Queen by Maybelline. The prices are great and the colors are Gorg!
Eye Studio® Color Explosion™     Revlon Slant Tip Expert Tweezer
4. A Mirror- If you don't carry a small mirror with you then SHAME on you!!!  In this day in age many people don't want to tell you in your eyeliner has ran down your face. You can't rely on others to tell you all the time about your flaws. Therefore, a small mirror will keep you looking  gorgeous. It doens't have to be expensive I say check your local pharmacy or better yet Walmart!
5. Tissues - I bet you wasn't expecting this one, but tissues  help to keep everything in order when you can't get to the ladies room a quick dab can tune down that lip stick when needed. 

So Ladies, what is the five must haves in your purse?
Zenee ReneeComment