How I Prepare for Fall!!

So my favorite season is approaching and I am getting excited!!! How about you?  I can not wait to dress for fall.  I love the fall because the weather allows me to play around with my wardrobe. OK, OK, let me be totally honest...I am a fall baby and my birthday is in September Yay.. Seriously, I love the idea that you can wear long sleeve shirts with shorts or sandals with jeans and feel comfortable. And not have people look at you weird when you mix and match seasons with your wardrobe. I have been watching a few items for fall. So stay tuned!  Over the next week or two I will be listing my favorite items. Right now though, I am browsing, all sale racks, online, in stores, everywhere. This is the perfect time to shop for the summer. Yes the summer ,as it is coming to an end. The prices are dropping and you can find some extravagant sales. So check out, Macy's, Marshall's, On-line......Here is a list of things I am doing to prepare for fall;

1.  Looking for tees, tunics, and blouses.  With the fall coming I like to dress in layers and you can never have too many Cami's, tees, and short sleeve blouses for your wardrobe.
2. The perfect sandal. Yes sandal. In the fall I like to wear peep toe shoes, but this season I believe the shoe boot peep toe is in. And many stores like Bloomingdale's and Macy's or even Marshall's you can find a great steel. This could potentially be a time to rock the great sandal for the perfect price. All it takes is a little time and effort and that shoe will appear.
3. I like to search for summer suits at the end of the season. I really have been trying to increase my suit wardrobe for the summer, but  at a reasonable price. So, I like to search for skirt suits, or something that I could potentially wear next year.
4.  A summer bag. That's right ladies. This is the perfect time to get that off season bag. The prices are slashed and the colors are popping, so take advantage of the hobos, clutches, and wallets.
5. You know what it is.....DRESSES, DRESSES, AND MORE DRESSES...If you have been following me you know I am a dress gal. Step into any store and you can find that all dresses are on Sale. This means that you can try and buy...Take advantage as I plan to.

So now that you know what I am planning for my post -summer pre- fall season.
How are you preparing and what is your strategy for the Fall?
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