My Fall Must Haves????

So I decided to make a list of things that I need to prepare me for fall and here they are:

1. A pair of black flats...Yup my feet have been hurting over the summer from wearing high heel sandals. Now is time to give my feet a break. The only thing is  that, I love , love, love, boots for the fall, so to accommodate my ego, (and my feet) I decided that I will keep a pair of flats at the desk and in the car. (lets see how that works out for me)
2. A leather jacket..I actually think I may have found my new love. A brown short leather jacket that hits right above the hips. Perfect fit, just have to check the budget...
3. Hair accessories.Yes, ladies it is time to shelf those summer head bands and flowers. Now I think I will search for a nice fall hat. Something that won't pull on my delicate tresses(hair )and gorgeous. This will require a trip to NYC, they have the best fall hats.
4. Pumps, Pumps, and Pumps...OK I know what you are saying that I just said flats..I know but I can't keep wearing my summer sandals for the fall. The first thing that gets cold is my hands and feet. Therefore, a new pair of pumps are on the list. I have my eye on a pair of  Christian Louboutins, but those are not in my budget right now. Therefore, I will be shopping at DSW & Marshall's to see what I find.
5. Last, thing that is on my list is to update my lip balm, lip gloss, and tweezers. I usually trade out my summer lip gloss for a  winter balm. Lip gloss is out for the fall and lip stick is in for the fall/winter. So I will be taking a trip to CVS, Mac, and Walmart. It's nice to shop around and search for what is on sale.

On another note, I have been very busy with working, so I have not been updating the website as I should have, but now I am back on track. Stay tuned for more updates.

Tell me what are your fall must haves?
Zenee ReneeComment