Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope everyone out there is having a really nice Thanksgiving!!  I am so thankful to have my health, family, and friends. Although, I may not have all that I want right now, I definitely have all that I need. So no complaints for me! I am so thankful for my husband who makes the time for me, and for us , and  loves me unconditionally, in spite of my shortcomings.  I am truly Blessed to have a honor roll daughter who has a magnificent personality and on her way to greatness. Sidebar - I wish I was that driven at thirteen. Did I mention she wants to be a fashion designer and has sketched out her collection.  Her name is Ash and I am so grateful to have her. Thankful for my parents who is still giving me advice solicited and unsolicited, gotta love them!!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because its a time I get to spend time with my family, laughing, eating, playing games, and enjoying life.  My husband and I have been together for eleven years and married for five, we met in College.. I know it sounds so cliche, but we did, shout out to Rutgers!!  Over the course of our relationship we always split the holidays with his family and mine, which turns out to a really long day. So the day usually goes something like this;

  • Wake up around 10, dragging to get out of bed or the phone ringing.. Gotta love the family asking what time are you guys coming over.
  • Shower, watch a little TV, pack up whatever food that I prepared or still preparing..
  • Get to my mothers house around 1, after two phone calls we will normally will stay there for dinner ,which is usually early, and we eat around 3.   Anticipating what time my brothers will arrive. I have two brothers and no sisters, sorry no Kardashian bondage here.
  • After eating, talking, watching football, we head out to my husband's aunts house around 5.
  • After another round of phone calls asking us what time will we be arriving. We  drive about 20 minutes to the hubby's aunts house and hold your breathe, will eat again.. Sometimes I will just eat dessert, but who can resist the ham, turnip's, and other trimmings. Usually, we will end the night there playing games, laughing, eating, watching movies, or whatever else.
  • Finally, we decide to pack up and go home, which is usually round 11. 
  • Brace yourself because we do it all over again on Friday after shopping of course.
So this is how my thanksgiving will be this year with a slight change of my aunt having a pre-thanksgiving dinner at her house on Wednesday night.  I know it sounds like a lot, but it is well worth it!  Yet, I think next year Thanksgiving will be at my house ,if I can convince the hubby...

I will try to put up some pict of my festivities with my family...
So, how are you celebrating your Thanksgiving are you traveling or staying home?
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