Pre-spring - Pre-paring.......Who has spring fever????

OK I have spring fever, and like many women live on a..........Budget

Which means that I have to find clever ways to feed my shopaholic and not exhaust my bank account or credit cards.  Over the weekend I went to Marshall's one of my favorite places in the world and found several options for the summer.  I know I jumped to the summer, yup shore did...What I bought was a cover up for vacation, a bikini bathing suit, and a red dress.  The only thing I can wear to work is the red dress but probable won't because I like to keep my night/day wardrobe separate.  Since, I will be going on vacation soon, I like to bring in new pieces to keep the "sexy" in check.

I will post some of my pictures later.  By the way, I am on a diet/workout regimen so the "bikini" is weight loss driven to keep me focused.  I will keep you posted on that, so far I have lost about five pounds.  Hopefully, by the summer I will be down twenty or so pounds, if I can stop eating the sweets....That's a whole other article.  Anyways, what are you doing for the anticipation for spring???
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