Hair, Heat, Humidity, & Summer Fun!!

Living in NJ the weather recently has been very very unpredictable. We have been faced with explosive rain, cold temperatures, and finally summer!! Yup, summer!Over the last couple of days the weather has been lovely.  I have shifted my wardrobe from the cold blues skipping right past spring shifting right into summer.  So here are some of the things I have been doing:

1. Preparing my natural hair for the summer hot weather.  African American hair tends to be on the dry side in its natural state, and the heat can be very damaging. In order to prevent the dryness, I have restored my hair products. Adding more conditioner to my rotation,  testing heat frizz prevents such as John Freida Collection, and protecting my tresses from the heat with hats. Twisting my tresses and adding moisture is also becoming more of my regimen in the evening after a day in the sun.  This has been mostly effective;

Smooth Start® Hydrating Conditioner   Product Details    Product Details  Product Details

Recently, I went on vacation with my hubby to Puerto Rico and the weather was humid, hot, and great for my spirit, but not so much for my hair. In order to keep my hair damage free from the sun, salt water, and chlorine,I had to keep my hair moisturize, and in a protective style from the sun.  To prepare I twisted my hair with conditioner and kept it in semi big twist the whole week.  I rinsed my hair after every dip in the pool and sealed with a coconut oil blend.

2.   Since my day job consitss of me being in the corporate world and a dress code is implemented, I must be very careful not to break the dress code. Therefore, I had to update my wardrobe in order to comply. This means no flip flop, tank tops, short skirts, or anything that I probable would wear on the weekend. So, it is important for me to find items that work both during the day and evening (or on my way home when I am hot as hell from the sun). In order for me to do that I have invested in carnigans, so that I can wear a tee or cami underneath to beat the heat.  Here are a few from Macys that I have been eyeing. Below I have a purple light carnigan purchased from Banana Republic.
 The black blouse I have on below is short sleeve, and I am pretty sure that I can not wear that in the office on it's own!
Grace Elements Cardigan, Three-Quarter-Sleeve Striped Open-Front
Elementz Cardigan, Short-Sleeve Pointelle Knit Shrug
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